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The BraveHeart Foundation

I’d like to tell you about The BraveHeart Foundation.

  I’ve seen this happen for years. Kids walking by my front door and curiously looking in and wanting to join so bad but means inside the family didn’t allow the opportunity to do so. Or, that bullied kid desperately seeking immediate help but comes from a single parent household or a home that doesn’t provide for such need. Or, a troubled teen with no guidance, that needs help but can’t pay for his or her proper gear or attire and lessons to train and possibly change their path in life.

  In todays word, bullies are completely out of control. I receive daily videos of teens and young kids being recorded during these attacks.

  A BraveHeart Foundation will serve those in need. It is designed to allow funding for certain individuals that genuinely need help but lack the funds required to do so. Martial Arts-no secret, is an expensive lifestyle. Clothing, training attire, and safety gear is an expense. Not to mention the daily financial occurrences and utilities it takes to provide a safe training facility.

  I’ve always had a sponsor program available to those in need. I’d like to expand that and offer more to those individuals. This will be available to children ages 6-17.

  I’m now accepting sponsorship applications. Sponsors will receive recognition on the walls of our dojo with business logos divided into three tiers of sponsorship depending on your choice.

  The name selection of “The BraveHeart”, has meaning. Brave hearts are dominant in helping others as well as The Brave Heart that endures trauma, but survives and thrives. The sponsor and the student both have brave hearts.

  If you would like to sponsor, or know of someone and/or a business that would like to sponsor, please reach out to me using the contact info below.

Sponsor Levels

The Brave

12x18 Poster with logo displayed


The Shield

2x4 Banner with Logo displayed

Gym Membership for One Year


The Guardian

3x6 Banner with Logo displayed

Gym Membership for One Year

Discounted Tuition

Recognition on website



115C Four Seasons Mall

Hendersonville, NC 28792


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